In the heart of the Cape Winelands is Stellenbosch, known for its beauty, it’s good food and wine and heritage. It’s also one of South Africa’s wealthiest towns.

To find such extreme poverty in the middle of such beauty can feel surreal. It doesn’t make sense.

But with the belief that every people group, despite their socio-economic status, has something to learn and something to give.

In a divided state we aim to bring unity and reconciliation, and our journey has proven that the hearts of people on both sides of the scale are willing. They only need a bridge, which is where we aim to position ourselves.

As we learn and grow in Stellenbosch, our desire is to see Her Voice in other parts of South Africa, Africa and the world. But Stellenbosch will always be where the foundation was built.


Her Voice Kayamandi was started in 2015 and now includes 58 ladies and 86 children.


Her Voice Cloetesville was started in 2019 and currently serves 5 women and their 11 children.