Ubomi means “life” in isiXhosa.

If we were to put a word to the experience of “birth” here in South Africa, it would be fear. Fear of pain, fear of being shamed, fear of raising a child in desperate circumstances. Here in Kayamandi, the vast majority of mothers are experiencing unexpected pregnancy and most have little support. Most severely lack access to decent medical care.The birth process itself epitomises this fear. Many walk away from birth in government hospitals with lasting trauma, unsure of what to do next.

At Her Voice, we know that God uses new life to restore, redeem and offer a new start. The good news is this: You aren’t a mistake and neither is your child. The entire pregnancy – and even birth itself – can be something beautiful and empowering. We offer women a whole new compassionate experience, while sharing the love of Jesus and the peace that God offers on the journey.

We do this by teaming up with doulas, childbirth educators and medical professionals in the Western Cape. We teach educational workshops and also care for women practically through prenatal care, birth support, midwifery and postpartum care. We hold a woman’s hand from the time they find out they are pregnant until they’re walking in confidence as a mother!



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13 July 2019

Family Planning & Women’s Health
with Khaya Menzi

3 August 2019

Infant Care & Lactation
with Nicolene Laubscher
(midwife, IBCLC)

7 September 2019

Nutrition for Moms and Kids
with Lauren Messara
(community health volunteer)

5 October 2019

Labour & Birth Part 1
with Heiki Millar

2 November 2019

Labour & Birth Part 2
with Rachel Conley


Are you a midwife or doula in the Cape area?
Please contact Rachel Conley at 072 664 8824 for volunteer opportunities. We would love to hear from you!