Adoption is a subject the comes up at Her Voice. And while our hope is that every mum will receive enough support and help to be able to raise her baby, there are potential situations of crisis where the option of adoption might make all the difference. Celeste and her husband Markus have adopted their son, Levi, and this what she wrote, as an adoptive mum, to a birth mother… 

To the brave one.

Tomorrow my whole world is going to change. I know when I look into the beautiful and friendly eyes of my little boy, my heart is most probably going to explode within my chest. And when I hold his little body, my hands are most probably never want to let go. I will be changed. I will become a mother…
and then I will think of you.

I am sure that your heart also exploded within your chest the first day you felt his kick, and that your hands also never wanted to let go the day he was born.

So, in this moment, before our lives collide even though we will not meet, I want to thank you from the deepest parts of my heart. And I want to honour you for your courage, strength and unexplainable love.

A few weeks ago during worship at our church service the pastor simply prayed “God show us”. My heart echoed these words, but I didn’t know how He would answer. And then He showed me the most precious picture.

A woman placing her warmly wrapped baby in a bamboo basket and sending it down the river, knowing that she had to do this for her child
because she loved him so much.
A little sister running next to the river, watching to see where the basket will end.
And the basket ending in the courts of the palace, before the king.

Moses’ mother.
The brave one.

And in this picture I saw you and I want to assure you that I will never forget you. And in the mixture of overwhelming joy but also deep loss that tomorrow brings, I will carry you in my heart.

Thank you.

photos  |  Lizelle Lötter