Ntauleng  /  22  /  beauty consultant at Red Square  /  mother of one-year-old Liyana  /  born in Lesotho

My dream is to become a social worker to help needy children.

My mom passed away in 2003 and my granny in 2009. When my grandpa got married to someone else he kicked me out and sold the house. I stayed at my friends place for a year but they couldn’t afford me because there were already six of them. The year after that I was lucky enough to stay at the Kuyasa safe house.

I just don’t like seeing teenagers struggling, going through the same stuff I went through. Not having a place to call home sucks. Trust me.

What is holding me back from pursuing my dreams, for starters, is I don’t have a permanent home. Also, I have a baby to take care of and if I go back to school it means I’ll starve because there won’t be someone taking care of me and my baby with basic needs when I go to school.

photos  |  Lizelle Lötter