Celeste  /  29  /  school counsellor at Stellenbosch High School, partner at Bright Owl Paper Goods  /  adoptive mother-to-be of a little boy  /  born in Bellville, Western Cape

One of my “little girl” dreams is to live in Brooklyn, New York with my family, owning a space where people can come together to have community but also be creative. Although, that is probably something that can happen here in South Africa as well.

I dream of having a big family, raising well-nurtured and loved little ones with my husband.

I dream of having a creative job which allows me to have a place of expression but also gives me the space and time to connect with others.

Lastly, I dream of joining a dance class again, after so many years.

I am mostly hindered from going for these dreams because of the uncertainty and fear that comes with leaving a “steady, well-paid job” and trying something new or going somewhere new. Also, the insecurities around my own abilities and the perceived expectations people might have. I want to jump, but what if I fall?

photos  |  Lizelle Lötter