Alettie  /  36  /  buyer at Shoe City and owner, personal shopper and stylist of I Dress You  /  not married, no children … yet!  /  born in Namaqualand

From a very young age I dreamt of being a successful business woman. At the time I didn’t know exactly what that meant, besides wearing a perfectly fitted suit with polished shoes.

I also dreamt of making clothes, as I always used odd pieces material to create dresses for my dolls. I never had the desire to do needlework or sewing, but designing and creating something out of nothing has always been a great attraction.

As the years went by, I realised my dream is more than just wearing a perfectly fitted suit. It’s more than creating beautiful dresses and playing with fashion. My dream was born from a place of brokenness, not feeling beautiful or appreciated. It was born from a place of “nothingness” and the faith that God my Father can make something spectacular out of nothing. God showed me the woman Abigail and how she was beautiful, wise and courageous.

This is what I want to share with ALL women I want to help them explore their beauty, worth, courage and wisdom. All these start in the heart. By helping women look and feel stunning we also go deeper and with the help of the Father and Holy Spirit things hearts start changing.

So my dream is to create a safe environment for women. To have fun going through a wardrobe, making changes and letting them shine and blossom for who they really are. Sometimes I write it off simply because of the lack of finances, venue or confidence in myself. But praise God, He keeps dreams alive and He wants us to live beautiful, wise and courageous lives. I trust Him to open these doors.

photos  |  Lizelle Lötter